Lois has come to spend about 10 days with us.  Unfortunately the weather has not been the best.  Instead of the warm even hot days we have mixed overcast with temps in the 19 – 21 C.  Nice for drives and walks but not for the beach.  This is August when you should expect warm weather but apparently the east of North America stole all the heat for this summer from us.

I like to sit outside in the evening for the meals but we need to have the infra red heater on to keep Pat and Lois comfortable.  Works well and we have had nice suppers on the patio, but again THIS IS AUGUST. 

Those of my readers in Ohio that have suffered through ungodly heat this summer are probably weaping for my story about cool evenings where we can sleep with the windows open. 

I took Lois for a drive up the coast today in Little Red as Pat was  tied up in CWL .  Still a bit of paradise regardless of the cooler temperature.