I would have titled this particular blog Pati Behr, but I have come to realize that Google searches would have hit on this blog as a source of information about her when it is only a note to my fans. 

Whenever I want to know a bit of detail, I often go to the internet to do a search.  I used to go to my memory but it has become so full that the in the brain search engine does not always work as well as it did in the  past.  But I have also come to the realization that Google and other search engines can be full of crap.

Some background…. Pat and I are sitting on the patio enjoying dinner watching the golfers going by and listening to easy music.  Ravel’s Bolero comes on.   This was a minor single orchestral movement originally written for a ballet that no one had heard of.  Gained later fame for couples ice skating, but lets face it, mostly for the love scene in the movie 10.  Which, of course  is the particular memory that came to me (I am not a big fan of couples Ice Skating) 

So with time on my hand I decided to look up Bo Derek and see what was happening with her life. 

As some of you might know, Bo was married to a much older man John Derek who, in his time , was a very handsome actor.  You may remember him as Joshua in the movie Ten Commandments.  No question a great looking guy that aged well





But this is a story for the guys,  John’s second wife was Ursala Andress.  Not bad for a second wife.






Then he left her for Linda Evans. 






To the great disappointment of Linda, John left her for a young 16 year old named Mary Collins and fled to Europe to avoid child rape laws.  At 18 they married and she became Bo Derek.






John was 46 and Bo was 18 when they married and this one worked out.  They were married until his death 26 years later.  He was still good looking at the age of 60 but had to make movies featuring his gorgeous young wife, normally naked, to pay the bills.  (we guys thank him for that)

Now I realize that most of my female readers are now convinced that this entire blog was to glorify guys with gorgeous wives, but that is wrong.  What started this was an internet search for John Derek’s first wife Pati Behr. 

She had what most people would consider an interesting life.  A descendant of Leo Tolstoy she came to America from Russia as a Ballerina.  Married John and had a couple of minor roles in movies and then got dropped for Ursala. 

But if you search for her in Google or any other site all you get are pictures of  Bo or Linda or Ursala.  Can you imagine being defined in your life by the ladies your husband divorced you for????  

Makes you think about searches on Google for information.  How much is true and how much is the popular opinion of the truth. 

The pictures of the women are only there to make my point and not the purpose of this blog (although I might get better hits)