It is September 19, and I wore white pants today. 

You may remember my earlier rant that Fall should officially start after Labour Day.  (if you did not read it stop now and go back into the library or otherwise this blog will not make sense)

The old adage is that men should not wear white pants after Labour Day.   However the powers-that-be consider September 21 as the last day of summer so why should I be forced to give up white pants before summer is over? 

Granted we are enjoying record warm temperatures (28 C yesterday) with lots of sunshine.  Sort of a transfer of a miserable June for a glorious September. 

So if the authorities insist that Summer ends September 21, I am going to wear white pants and to hell with the consequences.  I may even wear white them tomorrow and then I will follow the rules and move them to the deep closet in anticipation of WINTER. 

I am a rebel.