One of my favourite magazines of all time is Popular Mechanics.  I have read them in libraries since I was a teenager.  I could never afford to subscribe but as every Library I have belonged to had a subscription, I could read them there. If I have time to spare I stop at the Library and pull the back issues and read them with the relaxing enjoyment.  Flying cars,  the cut-a-way drawings of the space shuttle, cross section of the Abrams Tank, great tools…. it has everything. 

Unfortunately there are thieves in the world.  So often the issues are stolen from the library so I expect at best I could read 6 issues a year.  But I have been doing this since I was 16.  When I was taking Mechanical Engineering 45 years ago, our class would discuss the latest issue of the time. 

Aww memories.  Over the years a subscription was beyond our means.  Lets face it, this was a subscription for me and Pat would not read them unlike our cooking magazines.  (Granted I do have a subscription to Home Workshop which I suspect Pat does not read)

Anyway a deal came to me (I suspect this offer is  due to the trend in the world these days where no on reads the printed word, preferring tweets) to get a 2 year subscription for Popular Mechanics for $28.  This is less than the cost of a lunch out for us.  I wanted to jump all over it but Pat says ” is it in our budget?”  I put my foot down and said, well I will pay for it from my tool purchase budget. (no I won’t)

So I will now have 2 years (22 issues) of a fabulous magazine.  I will save them and pass them on to the family.