It is nights like this that I miss my phone calls to Mother.  I would describe the complicated meal that we were preparing and she would wonder where I evolved from.  Then she would finish with the standard ‘no wonder you are so fat’   awww I miss her

We were at the farmers market and bought a lovely butternut squash.  No real plan for a squash meal but it was just sitting there saying “eat me”   On saturday I read an article in the paper about a simple Coconut Rice recipe.  Then the plan came together.

So tonight we are having an Indian meal.  Pat is making an Indian Subzi with the squash.  Apparently they do not have butternut squash in India so we are substituting Butternut  for the weird squash they use.  Lets face it you add spices and all squashs will taste the same. 

I am making my family famous Shakuti (chicken and onions in a curry sauce).  We have coconut rice and papadams to go with it and our crabapple sauce as a chutney.  All we are missing is the Pakuras as an appetizer.  Regretfully I have no yogurt so I cannot make a Mango Lassi for Pat but we will have to get by with wine. 

These are great meals but they were even better when we had kids at home to eat it all up.  Impossible to make this many courses for 2 people so we will be having leftovers through the week.  Needless to say this is one of those meals where we dirty lots of dishes in the preparation.  Not to worry though as I have staff to clean up. 

I will work out even harder tomorrow morning at the gym.