I will now receive 2 years of Popular Mechanics magazine.  But there is a bonus

Pat and I were at the CIBC today and the staff had set up a White Elephant display (think of a mini garage sale) in the lobby.  Someone had donated the last month’s edition of Popular Mechanics and Pat purchased it for me for 50 cents.  I started to read it  as we were waiting and then held it next to my chest, saying “I want to savour it”

Tomorrow morning I am at the fitness club.  I spend 30 minutes on a cross trainer where I read a magazine (everyone around me listens to music on Ipods or chats with their neighbour)  I am noted as the guy that reads while working out. 

Normally I read the latest issue of Macleans.  Try to keep up to date with news and views. 

But tomorrow I will read about hovering helicopter wind driven power plants and new developments in cutting edge mechanical technology, maybe a bicycle that you can ride backwards, who knows.  In any event it has to be more interesting than long articles about why the NDP under Mulcair is beating Harper in the polls (I really do not want to read that)

So tomorrow I will cycle away with a heart beat of 120 – 130 filled with mechanical innovation dreams.  Nirvana