I had to go to the dentist today to replace one of the crowns on the top just in from the wisdom tooth.  Not sure why I put a crown on it 8 years ago because no one sees the tooth, but I did. Lets face it I liked my dentist at the time.  

Again not sure why it needed replacement as I had no problem but possibly my dentist needed $800.  So I follow the old belief that if a guy with the first name Doctor, says something you follow his advice and if you try to question he will whip out Xrays with faint shadows and point at it and look at you as if you are an idiot until you say “Yes Doctor”

So I had my mouth frozen this morning.  Pat planned a meal plan that she thought would be easy on my mouth.  I had the procedure at 8:30 am  so by the afternoon there was no problem but the plans for the meal had gone so far that we were obligated.

A fancy name for the meal but it was basically pancakes with ground up corn kernals and full kernals served with Salsa and Sour Cream.  Now I am a full believer that Salsa and Sour Cream can go on anything but who would have thought on pancakes.  Actually it was pretty good. 

I BBQd a couple of Bratwursts on the side because I have not yet abandoned the carnivore diet, but it was still an interesting meal.  I know you are saying that the term “interesting” is the death term for a compliment.  It was very nice but again I feel you could put salsa and sour cream on old mashed potatoes and cooked spinich and it would come out OK 

Life in the fast lane……..