Pat and I have had the wonderful opportunity in the past to experience great musical theatre.  One of the best was Phantom of the Opera written by Anthony Lloyd Webber.  He wrote the female role  for his beautiful wife Sarah Brightman.  Now if you see pictures of Webber at the time he was not good looking.  I would not say ugly but on the bad side of average.  But he was talented and becoming wealthy so he had the chance to get a pretty young songstress for a wife.

Sarah had a good life after that.  A very good voice but not quite that needed to achieve the Opera status she wanted. With the success of Phantom she had a great career.   Once she was making good money she dumped the ugly Webber and moved on. 

Apparently she made massive money from her many albums because she has now put down $50 million to be the next tourist astronaut to the space station.  By coincidence she has a new album out which she hopes to use to cover the cost of this trip. 

I hope all my readers will support her endeavour to discover new worlds by purchasing Dream Chaser.  Or you could just send me the $20 and I am sure I could find a better use.  World peace, or feeding hungry children or more likely spent on bribes for my personal goal of achieving Sainthood. 

Saint Bruce the Benevolent