One of the luxuries of retirement is the time to do research on those subjects that you find so interesting.  Obviously access to the internet has made this so much easier.  Going to the library and digging through dusty papers to answer a question that is keeping you awake at night just not happening. 

So I have spent hours looking at details of the stern structure of ships that I am modelling or the history of an obscure event.  Love the internet

Today I made a discovery that corrected a conception that I have held for years. 

When I was working for a living and occasionally would come into a meeting that had already started, a meeting that truly needed my brilliance or keen mind to solve the problem (a regular meeting in other words)  I would enter the room with the quote “Let the Bells Ring out and the banners fly, It is too good to be true, but I am here” 

For some reason I seldom got the standing ovation due me, but occasionally some young person would ask where that quote originated.  I always thought that it was Foghorn Leghorn voiced by Mel Blanc in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

But with the advent of modern internet and the retirement time to engage in deep research, I have determined that I was wrong.  The quote is from the Blue Genie voiced by Jim Backus in the Bugs Bunny cartoon.  You may remember Jim Backus as the Millionaire in Gilligan’s Island (I have probably lost the younger members of my fan club at this point)

In any event I am not too stubborn to acknowledge when I am wrong on important details of history.  (now that is a rare event)