I apologize to my many blog fans for the absence on my highly rated blog.  We have been away, visiting our distant child and her husband.

Tonight’s subject is –  as a couple, which side of the bed do you sleep on, and who gets to decide?  Deep intellectual thought.

Granted this is November 6 and the election of our southern neighbour for President might be slightly more important, but I am not going to compete on that subject.  We have just spent 10 days in Ohio and I do not want to dwell on that issue.  Boring to the max

Now for something down to earth.  On our drive home we were listening on the radio about a study on why couples select their side of the bed.  Pat and I have switched sides over the years as we travel in hotels, and we have our own system, but it apparently this decision can be important.

Here are some of the top reasons according to the Harvard University study (and how could this get funded?)

  • The male (or dominant partner) should sleep closest to the door so they could defend in case an intruder breaks into the room (believe it or not this was the top reason in the survey, obviously either American or from South Africa)
  • Related to the above is the concept that the dominant partner (assuming right handed) should sleep on the left side so they can automatically react to alarms with their right arm. 
  • The partner who is always warm should sleep next to the window and the partner (you notice that I am an enlightened 21st century writer that accepts modern life styles so I refer to partner instead of man and wife?) who always feels cold should sleep on the inside.
  • One of the partners might want to sleep on the side that is closest to the bathroom. 
  • The last one to bed should be next to the light switch

In our case, as we travel, I choose to sleep on the side that has the clock.  If I wake in the night I want to check the time to see where I am in relationship to the time to get up.  Been that way all my life. 

Fortunately in our home that puts me on the left side of the bed where I am positioned to leap up when an intruder breaks into the house and defend my wife.  However in our house an intruder is much more likely to break in through one of the bedroom windows which puts Pat in the position of delaying him while I run around the house looking for my baseball bat. 

What is y0ur side of bed theory???