In our home dinners we do not follow a fixed weekly menu plan, but it is easy to get into a rut where you start to rely on the same favourites.  This is the norm in the warm weather with BBQ and easy meals.  It is now fall and time to get creative. 

Last night in bed I was reading a novel that has a scene where the main character is working on the 90th floor of the world trade center on September 10, 2001.  He is working late (and is a rich guy) (and is planning to spend the night working) so you can figure what happens the next morning.  Anyway he  orders down a meal from the restaurant at the top of the building.  He orders veal scallopini.

I am in bed reading the book and Pat is in her usual position in the tub having her hour long soak.  I yell at her through the door that I want Veal Scallpini  for dinner the next night.  Then I went to sleep.   We have a great relationship where Pat is used to my outbursts and the next morning reminds me of my inspiration.  Loves the idea. 

We have made Veal Scallopini meals many times in the past but realized we have not had it since we moved to the Island. 

Now came the hard part of finding true veal slices at the grocery stores in our town.  This is the fall and you are not going to get the white fleshed, milk fed veal that you can get in the spring in major urban areas.  There is not a huge beef industry on the island. 

When you are retired you have the time to go on journeys for things that interest you.  After all the house jobs were done this morning we went out to select the best veal  we could find.  Fortunately the community is fairly wealthy so if you are prepared to go to the good stores (not Costco or Superstore where we normally shop) you can find quality. 

We found some nice thin sliced veal and sautéed it with cheese, fresh oregano, basil  and mushrooms. Pasta on the side and a Pinot Grigio wine. Fresh salad with our own mini tomatoes (the last of the season) 

Not a bad meal for a retired couple living on pensions.   However this would have been a meal that had I described it to my mother (which I would have done instead of writing this blog) her comment would have been “no wonder you are so fat”  She may have been correct, but still a great meal. 

As my regular audience will recognize, I write this while Pat does the cleanup and loading the dishwasher.  She thinks I am an artist and allows me this time.