Despite our religious attention to avoid sick people, avoid children and use hand scrubbers everywhere, I have a Cold and I am feeling miserable.

This morning as I lay in bed I wanted Pat to call my Mommy (just like the TV ad).  Unfortunately that cannot happen.  Whenever I had a cold or flu and called my mother she would say “oh poor dear”  It was only after I healthed up each time that I suspected she was being sarcastic given her problems, but it was always nice to hear.

What do I get from my wife… pick up your used Kleenex, stop grumbling, basically Buck up Boyyo.  Now to be truthful when Pat had a cold last week (which is obviously the source of my contagion) my reaction was to avoid her.  Women do not feel the agony of colds and flu like men do.  It is a scientific fact.  However she made a nice soup for me last night and the kind of baking powder biscuits that Mother used to make so I forgive her.

Still it would be nice if she tucked me in on the bed and kissed my forehead and said “oh poor dear you will get better”