Yesterday, despite the fact that I was near death with a cold, Pat sent me to the grocery store to get a few things.  Apparently she was sick of hearing me moan about life and hacking away.

So there I am going through the produce section at our new local grocery store.  One of the items on her list was a bunch of bananas.  A quick check and there were lots of green ones and a few ripe ones on the side.  Little did I realize at the time but the ones on the side were ORGANIC BANANAS and at least twice the price. 

Now I do not buy organic.  It just means expensive.  I will not even venture down the Oranic aisle at the store.  But we were stuck with them.

This morning I ate one of the expensive organic bananas.  It was so nice I had a second.  Life kind of changed.  I decided that we were going to trade in the Murano for a Prius, and that I agree with the legalization of marijuana.  I announced that we were going to have Tofu and organic veggies for supper and started looking for a place where I could get my ear pierced.

That of course led to a dilemma.  Which ear?  I could not remember the rule about the sexual preference indicator of right versus left so I guess I would have to get both.

Fortunately in the afternoon the effect wore off and reality set in.  I told Pat that there was a change of plan for dinner.  We were going to the butcher and see what kind of endangered species meat they have in stock.  Aw that feels better

Trouble is I still have 4 more of these bananas to eat….  Could it become addictive?  (I suspect at the price, it will not)