In the past when I write of meals in my blog, I usually refer to something I have prepared.  But tonight I write about Pat’s stew. 

It is Grey Cup day and for the first time in years we are spending Sunday dinner by ourselves.  We hosted a party with 22 people on Saturday night so this was a chance to relax. 

When you hear the term Stew you think of those dishes where the meat and veggies are cooked together in a pot.  A great winter weather dish all simmering together.  You eat it when it still has texture and before it turns into soup.   

I am always reminded of the scene from the movie Good Bad and the Ugly, when Lee Van Cleef sits with someone he is trying to intimidate and uses a wooden spoon to eat some of his stew.  He dips several times with chunks of meat and vegetables.   Looks delicious.  Great scene.

This was the kind of stew that I knew growing up.

Pat  introduced me years ago to a different concept.  She takes all the meat left over from the previous months.  Leftover steak, beef roast, Pork roast, sausages etc.  The rind from Parmesan cheese that is no longer useful.  All of this is frozen and when we have enough she makes a stew.  They are cut up and simmered in a broth with HP sauce and secret ingredients for hours. 

The veggies are cooked separate.  Potatoes, yams, carrots, parsnips, onions and brussel sprouts are rolled in oil and spiced and roasted in the oven.

When the meal is brought together it is beyond any stew you have imagined.  It is wonderful.   I would pay good money to have this meal at a reastaurant……(and the Argos won so a great evening)