In the last week we have been dining well.  Saturday night we hosted a party and in addition to the nightly meals we have had lots of leftovers.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I announced to Pat that I was going to FAST on thursday.  I was feeling stuffed at the time and felt that maybe I should try to purify the system. 

So this morning I had a banana for breakfast (I should have said semi-fast) .  For lunch I had a small yoghurt.  I told Pat I wanted broth for dinner. 

I worked late in the workshop and did not come up to the kitchen until 5:45 to keep temptation away.  I did not want to take part in the meal preparation.

Pat decided to make Mulligatawany Soup using the leftover Kung Pao Chicken I made Monday.  

The aroma in the kitchen was to die for.  She also had fresh bread baking in the oven.  Soft music playing. 

I suspect Pat would make a great drug dealer.   DO NOT TRY TO BREAK AWAY FROM YOUR ADDICTION

A wonderful meal.