I discovered this TV series  late last year.  As you may know, the series saved the AMC network.  Very dramatic and like all the modern TV programs and movies, filled with violence and gore.  Pat refuses to watch any episode.

If you watch the program you realize that no character is safe.  In the past long running series like Mary Tyler Moore etc all had the characters continue through the series.  Unless the series went on so long that people baled out from boredom (the character Radar ORiely in MASH for example)

But in the Walking Dead characters that you are used to, and you may like, suddenly get a bite and next thing you know they are shot in the head or the more traditional Machete to the forehead. 

I wonder if I could ever describe this TV program to my mother.  A long way from the violent programs of my youth like Rawhide or Roy Rogers where all that happend was either the gun shot from the hand or a minor wound in the arm. 

Where are we going?  How disgusting can TV become?    Granted, this is much more tame than video games.