We are all aware of the trend to take Christmas away from our culture.  No longer can you say Merry Christmas  in case you offend the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Animalists etc.  Happy Holiday is the correct salutation.

For those of us that are still Christians (although we still make up the largest religious segment in the world) all our traditions are under threat to be correct.

Take Santa Claus for example.  Not sure if you have been following the controversy in Holland this last 2 years. 

In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas arrives on a white horse from Spain with his Moorish servant on a donkey carrying gifts.  See picture 1.                 A long way from the reindeer and sleigh of our tradition.

The moorish servant is known as Zwarte Piet (Black Peter)  and is as common in their parades and traditions as the elves are with our version.  Their Christmas excursion has Saint Nicholas with many assistants refered to as Black Peter.  Obviously a racial stereotype, but as ingrained in Dutch tradition as vertically challenged elves are with us.  (see picture 2)

They are being pressured to eliminate Black Peter although the average resident of the country does not accept the issue.  The current theory is that Black Peter is that colour from going up and down the chimneys to deliver the gifts (Yeah like that is going to work).  Still Political Correctness will win out.  They will soon have Happy Holidays just as we have no Christmas trees and only neutral music. 

A number of years ago Santa had to give up his pipe for the non smoking people and of course you never see him with a whip in his hand as he drives the reindeer from  roof to roof.

Here is what I forecast.  We will have to lose the elves.  The male Santa Claus will have to be replaced with either a hermaphrodite or alternate years when Mrs Claus delivers the presents.  By the way what is her maiden name because we may need to learn it? 

Mrs Claus in red tights ooo shudder!

Thank goodness I am old and my memories will carry on but I pity the next generation. 

17.jpgBlack Peter