As the final days of our society count down to the December 21 deadline, we are finding ourselves increasingly tied up in the preparations for the limited life afterwards.  We have been going to Costco to stock up on bulk items (Smoked mussels, tomato paste, pasta sauce, crackers etc)  I have put aside a large container of fresh water in the basement (after all you can only drink out of the back of the toilets for so long) 

I have been studying the televised preparation documentaries (AKA “The Walking Dead” and “Revolution”)  and believe I am prepared to defend our stockpile of supplies from the neighbours.  Granted since our neighbour Andy the retired Paratrooper moved away there is not much challenge in our immediate area.

For weapons I have laid in a supply of sticks and sharpened all the knives in the house.  However to be honest I am not looking forward to the life after December 21 (assuming we live through the apocalyptic event)  A big factor will be the lack of refrigeration and the ability to store food.  Those lucky enough to live in Alberta or Ontario with their natural refrigeration will not appreciate the disadvantage of living on the mild west coast where we will be unable to maintain fresh vegetables or dairy products. 

The very thought of being forced to eat smoked mussels on crackers without the cream cheese layer…ooooooh  shudder