When we were growing up as a kid I loved Hot Dogs.  I am not talking of the boiled wieners in a bun that we occasionally had to eat at home, but the ones cooked over an open fire on a stick.

Over the years I have had hundreds of Hot Dogs.  A natural product to eat when you are at a baseball game.  Quick meal in the evening when the kids were small.  All of them were those basic meat tubes that come in a pack.  Once the kids moved out Hot Dogs disappeared from our menu.

Last summer we were attending the August reception for Ryan and Corrie at a park by the Peace Arch south of Vancouver.  All our kids and grandkids were attending and we needed something to do from noon until the reception started in the park that evening. 

We decided we were going to have an old-fashioned Weenie Roast with games and activities to spend the day.  Back to the days when Blaine and I were kids and we would go to Qu’Appelle valley with all the Tregarva friends of our parents.  Sweet memories

I was never enthused by the pink meat tubes even grilled. But this was going to be a throwback party so we needed hot dogs.

I had noticed that Costco had packs of spicy wieners that looked different.  For one thing they were about 25 cm (9 “) long.  We bought a bunch along with long buns to go with them (and some Turkey weenies for Janine)

The afternoon was a great success.  Krystal joined us which was wonderful because instead of having 15 family we now had 16 so we could break into 8 teams for the many games.  Weather was wonderful, games were great and plenty of food. 

For me though, the highlight were the wonderful Costco wieners that Sean grilled on the mini BBQ.  The best Hot Dogs I had ever eaten.  Granted a few beers and my family around might have influenced my opinion, but still great hot dogs.

If you read my blog you will realize that Pat and I like to prepare and enjoy meals. Often an adventure in dining as we experiment from our food magazines or cookbooks.   But at least once a week we always prepare a simple meal.  Could be Pizza or Hamburgers or a soup.  We have now added Costco Weiner Hot Dogs to our list of relaxing meals.  Tonight I BBQd the wieners and we enjoyed them with buns from the bakery (toasted of course on the BBQ) Cheddar Cheese, Kosher pickles and leftover spicy Chili.   Yummy