For some time Pat and I have been thinking of buying one of these machines to vacuum seal bags of food for the deep freeze.  We often buy in bulk from Costco (for example 5 pork tenderloins)  use what we want and freeze the others for future.  Wrapping in saran wrap and then in a Ziplock bag has not always been that successful.  Freezer burn and dried out food has occured.

However when we went looking for a system the prices were beyond an impulse buy, until today.  I was down at C Tire and noticed they had the Food Saver machine with rolls on sale.  I bought it and brought it home to present to Pat as an early Christmas gift. 

While she liked the machine she pretty much vetoed the idea of it being a Christmas gift for her.  Apparently the can opener I bought her for Christmas a few years ago is still fresh on her mind.  Looks like I will still have to go shopping and I am not sure if C Tire or Home Depot will suffice.

Anyway I used it tonight to store the left-over beef from our dinner and it seems to work great.  We shall see over the months ahead if this was a wise investment and will keep you advised.