It is my blog so I get to put up my minor achievements.  I have finished the double Capstans for the Victory model.  Capstans were the engine that would be used to raise the anchour.  There are two double capstans on Victory.  Double because one is on the lower deck and one on the middle deck.  Two because there is one in the aft and one towards the bow. 

If you see the little holes, that is where they would they would put in the bars.  On the Victory the bars were16 feet long.  Up to 10 men per bar, 160 men in all.  A messenger cable was wrapped around the slabs of the drum and they would push in a circle to raise the 5 ton anchor.  The upper capstan would be used to raise 3 ton spars up the mast. 

You are looking at roughly 10 hours of work.  I have made these in the past so I am much quicker than I used to be. 

Double Capstans