Each night as I lay my head down to sleep I go through a routine to blank my mind from the days events and allow me to relax.  This has gone on for years with many favourite themes (one where I am the 19 year old surprise superstar third baseman for the Blue Jays)  Actually that is a good one because there are episodes where I am on Jay Leno (after a .400 season) and I meet and date Taylor Swift.  Anyway that is another subject

Last night I was debating the best way to be invisible.  Mentally I investigated the 3 most popular concepts.

There is the twice done movie  Invisible Man from some nuclear experiment.  The pros are that you are invisible and can run around all you want.  The bad is that you have to be naked which is not great in the Canadian Winter and everything you eat is visible in the body until digested.  I then debated if the …. how do I politely put it…. bowel movement is itself invisible. 

The second concept is the Invisible Cape from Harry Potter.  Just covers you and as you walk around everything you have is also invisible so you can be wearing clothes.  Disadvantage is that you are still physically there and have to keep ducking people and dust and grime on the outside would eventually make it slightly visible.  From the movie I realize that it is relatively short so if I did not want my feet showing I would have to crouch which at my age would hurt after awhile.

Finally there is the ring from Lord of the Rings.  Put it on and you can do cartwheels.  Everything you have on and attached to you is invisible.  There is the downside.  Every time you use it you end up with a progressively worse migrane headache. 

As I was debating the selection I fell asleep which was the objective of the exercise.  In case you think I am making this up for the blog, this actually was my go-to-sleep thought last night.

 I have learned over the years to think of weird scenarios as I lay there to wipe out anything that was going on in reality.  Hence I sleep well.