I have completed the lower deck of the model (only three more to go above)  This is the big gun deck where Victory had 30 massive guns that could shoot a 32 pound cannon ball up to a mile.  At the time the typical battle took place within 100 yards or less.  At that range the ball could go through 24 inches  of solid Oak.

The entire gun assembly on the lower deck weighed 6000 lbs most of it in the cast barrel and required a crew of up to 12 men to drag it back and forth and load it.  The noise of one of these guns going off in the crowded confines of the lower deck must have been deafening.

Every model I have ever made I purchased guns from a model supplier.  Either cast bronze or turned brass.  In most of the models it was the only part that I purchased but I wanted them to look authentic. 

Checking out the guns for the scale of the Victory the cost of brass barrels (and remember I still have to make the carriages and frames) was going to run about $2 per gun AND THERE ARE 104 GUNS ON THIS MODEL.

So I finally determined to turn my own barrels.  Fortunately many years ago Blaine gave me a mini lathe.  I have learned to turn gun barrels.  Check the picture.  Remember they still have to be blackened but I think they turned out OK.  However these are the big guns.  Each deck above the guns get slightly smaller. 

And you may wonder how I spend my retirement years   I will send a picture later after I have mounted them on the carriage

32 pdr barrel