A week ago we were given a CD recorded by a new Canadian artist.  The CD was handed to us as we were leaving a party and I did not think much about it until I put it into our system and we listened to it today.

The music was wonderful.  I expected some cheap indie recording but it is as good as any music we have.

The artist is bri-anne Swan and the album is “these are all my friends”  The genre listed is folk but it is a combination of easy listening and pop. 

The artist  name already is a turn off because it seems so cute but get past that.   Her voice is up there with a young Jennifer Warnes or Sarah McLachlan and the songs and arrangements are first class. 

A few years ago I sent an email to James and Andra to ask if their daughters were listening to this new artist Justin Beiber.  Now I do not actually like his music but I realized at the time he was going somewhere.  James and Andra both said “Justin Who?”  (James also pointed out that he had a concern about why I would even know his name)

So I may again be ahead of the curve.  I urge you to either down-load or buy the CD.  I hope you can find it but I guarantee you will like it.

bri-anne swan