Pat and I went to see Les Miserables this afternoon.  It was a must see for me because of all the musicals I have seen on stage this was my favourite.  I was fortunate to see it 4 times and even more fortunate to see it with Colm Wilkinson in the lead 3 times. 

The movie is simply spectactular.  Easily the best movie I have seen in years. 

Anne Hathaway plays Fontine.  She absolutely nails the song “I dreamed a dream”  This is a heavily covered song with stars like Elaine Paige making their carreers on it.  Anne’s version blows them all away.  She is a shoo-in for the Oscar for this role.

A surprise for me was that Colm Wilkinson had a role in the movie as the bishop.  Only one  song but his voice is still magnificant. 

A must see movie for all of you out there.  It would be my vote for Best Picture Oscar but then the Killing Bin Lauden movie will get all the emotional votes in the US .  Still Les Miserables the movie will be playing on TV 30 years from now when their competition will be forgotten.