Today, January 17, 2013, is my last day as an adult.  Tomorrow I become a SENIOR.  Wonderful benefits flow into my life tomorrow. 

I get a new Gold Card from the BC government that allows me to ride on BC Ferries for free, lowers the cost of my home and car insurance, gets me into the movie theatre for $2 less, gets me into the marine museum in Maui for $8 less, brings on my Canada Pension Plan and many more benefits.

Not a day older but so much richer. 

It is an auspicious eve in my life history to join those other great day-befores. 

January 17 1964, I was 15 going on 16 and could not wait.  The next day I got out of school and mother took the time off to drive me downtown to get my learners license.  I had probably studied harder for that than any test that month. 

January 17, 1969, I was going to turn 21 the next day and would be able to go to bars.  Actually that was a non-event because I did not drink and had no desire to, but it was a big deal with my friends.  Probably the first day that I considered myself an adult.  These days that is at the age of 17, but we were younger in those days.

May 9, 1969 and my last day as a single person.  Apparently turning adult in January had its implications. 

March 30, 2008.  That was a Sunday and the next day I went into the office for my last day of work.  We celebrated that night as we were moving out of our apartment the next morning.

So now I am celebrating my last night as an adult.  Pat is out tonight at a meeting so I guess I will celebrate by going to the workshop and turn some axles for the guns on the Victory. 

Still an auspicious night.