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Amazing Race

Pat loves this program although I have always assumed it was fixed.  Regardless I thought that a great team would be Janine and I. I could take on the challenges where you eat disgusting animal entrails and work on the geography.  Janine could handle the physical challenges  and the puzzles.  I can easily see myself doing the water ballet given my sense of rythym,

Now there is no question Meagan, Andra, James or even Robbie could also have been my partner.  Robbie probably would not have been a starter as we would not be able to settle on who eats the fish entrails challenges.

The reason for selecting Janine is the arguing that would have ensued.  The program loves the in-fighting and Janine and I would have made the weekly highlights which the producers love.  I still think we could have won.  

Unfortunately we are now just past the physical prime. 

But there is a Canadian Amazing Race coming on and I am voting for Meagan and Jorg to apply.  As it takes place in Canada one would have to learn French but as Jorg is already bilingual what is the difficulty in learning a third language.   Ou est le Chateau Frontenac?

Spring Roll Success

My slight modification worked perfectly.  The spring rolls were hot and crispy and loved by all.  

I think the highlight for me though were the blackened Tuna bits prepard by Harry. 

Pat’s dessert was also wonderful although by the time we got to it at 11:30 we were stuffed so it may not have recieved the appreciation it deserved. 

We stayed up until after midnight.  Woooo Wooo