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WIFI at Lunch

It is Sunday so I took Pat for Brunch today after church.  We went to Appleby’s which it turns out does not have a breakfast menu so we had great toasted clubhouse sandwhiches .  Think of it, bacon, ham, tomatoes and toast.  Who is to say it is not a breakfast.

Anyway in the booth behind us, a foursome spent the entire half hour complaining to the staff that they could not connect to the wifi with their little hand held units.  Even after their food was delivered they were asking for help in connections.

Pat and I thouroughly enjoyed our lunch and could not conceive of how anyone could ruin a perfect lunch on a sunny Sunday by trying to go 30 minutes without being connected to the great internet.

Granted there was a time I lived with my Blackberry, but not on a Sunday brunch.

I guess we are just old


No $Million for Me

Well it is a good thing I did not turn up the road to Bear Lake to hunt for Dorner when we passed it.  As it turned out we were in the midst of a great book on CD so it did not occur to me until we were well past it.

However I could have turned and gone seeking my fortune (with Pat screeching at me all the way)

Here is how I see how it could have turned out.  I would have driven up to the police command post where they were stopping all cars.  While waiting to pass through I could have looked up to the right and said “hey wait isn’t that Dorner standing up on that balcony overlooking us?”  (He was in fact holed up in a cottage overlooking the command post that the police did not check because it was so close)

That might have made me the million except there was a catch.  Unlike the old days of a reward dead or alive this was only paid if captured and convicted.   Dorner apparently had no desire to be captured alive and according to the local press, the cops had no intention of capturing him alive.

I could have lost an entire day down here in this lovely sunshine and would never have received the $million.

So good thing we drove on.

Donner Search

Pat and I are driving down to Southern California for a vacation.  In our home life and on most of the route south  there is no need for winter gear, but we do pass through 2 summits on the I5 where there could be snow.

As insurance I brought along some winter gear and clothes including chains for our vehicle.  Watching the news tonight we are following the story about the search for Donner and the $million reward.  The search is east of LA in the mountains and not far off our route

I have decided that we are going to go on a detour on our drive to Palm Springs and I will stop and don my winter gear and go off in search.  Me and I suspect 20,000 other guys.  I have a toque, winter boots and warm clothes and a stick.  maybe I will find him and win the money.  20,000 to 1 is better odds than the lottery for a million

Pat has gone wimpy on me and said no way even after I promised better hotels on the remaining vacation if I catch him.

American Rewriting Canadian History

Americans love to take our history and icons and rewrite them in their image.   There are lots of examples.

The movie Canadian Pacific was supposed to be about building the CPR across the west.  According to the movie the railroad was plagued by marauding Indians constantly driven off by cowboys with six guns.

There is the movie Argo where the bravery of the Canadian diplomats in Iran is considered trivial compared to the heroism of the CIA

And the latest straw is the newest American publishing of Anne of Green Gables where they have changed Anne from a little red haired girl to a blond bombshell  .  Not the Anne that my daughters loved to read about.

Blond Anne









Oh the horror


I do not want any of my friends or family to die for a long time.  Now that may seem like an emotional request but it is actually financial.

I only have one black suit and I only wear it to funerals (and daughters that get married but I do not have to worry about that any more)

Today I picked up my only black suit from the dry cleaners (we do not dry clean very often)  IT COST TWENTY BUCKS!!!!!!!!

If you do pass away have an Hawaiian funeral where we wear flowered shirts, drink Mai Tais, eat BBQd pork and throw Leis into the sea.  On the other hand that would cost to get to Hawaii,  so never mind just no one die for awhile.

Victory Staircase Revisited

Earlier this week I was so proud of the staircase that I had built for the model.

Bad Staircase

Problem arose the next day after writing my glowing report on the stairs.  I was working on down the deck installing beams when I revisited the staircase I had installed.  It looked great but somehow not right.  I did some careful measurments and determined that the scale was wrong.  I then looked at the video from the actual Victory (which Pat and I have visited) and realized that the risers should be only 7 inches so this staircase was way too big.  The length is OK but needed at least 3 more steps

I had to cut out the deck beams that I had installed to enable me to rip out the staircase.  It was neat with Newel posts and railings but it was wrong. I think I am falling to the fault of not measuring twice or 5 times.  When you look at the picture hard to realize that it is way too large.  Still a nice job so the 2 copies I made after I will save for a future model. I had to break the installed version to get it out although it was in an area that would never be seen.

So I spent this afternoon building a new staircase jig and will do a better job tomorrow.             I NEED A VACATION

A Staircase

I have spent the last few days building and rebuilding a staircase from the lower deck to the middle deck.  Imagine a staircase 1 inch high with 9 steps and railings and newel posts.  Many, many attempts but I got it built and not bad.  I think there is about 8 more staircases as the model goes on.  Fortunately each one after this will get easier.  Sean can you think of building a staircase with perfect 8 inch risers only 100 times smaller?

I need a vacation

Walking Dead Redux

As I am not a huge NFL fan, or at least not a fan of either of the 2 teams, I chose to watch the Walking Dead marathon on TV down in the workshop this afternoon.  The first year which I did not watch because I thought at the time, that a TV series about walking Zombies would be lame.  My bad, best program on TV.

Anyway I came to the opinion that I must advise my extended family that in the event of a zombie plague do not wander around aimlessly, make your way to Vancouver Island.  I figure with strict quarantine steps and a little hunting we can keep the island zombie free.  I mean if Alberta can be rat free it must be easier for us.  They do not seem to be able to operate planes or boats and cannot swim so once clear we should be OK.  We can be self sufficient with hydro electric power, lots of food production and fairly mild weather.

Granted we have a whole bunch of leaching provincial civil servants in the Victoria area that we would have to thin out as they have no beneficial purpose in life,  but otherwise OK.

Vedran make sure you bring your crossbow, James bring your sword collection.