As I am not a huge NFL fan, or at least not a fan of either of the 2 teams, I chose to watch the Walking Dead marathon on TV down in the workshop this afternoon.  The first year which I did not watch because I thought at the time, that a TV series about walking Zombies would be lame.  My bad, best program on TV.

Anyway I came to the opinion that I must advise my extended family that in the event of a zombie plague do not wander around aimlessly, make your way to Vancouver Island.  I figure with strict quarantine steps and a little hunting we can keep the island zombie free.  I mean if Alberta can be rat free it must be easier for us.  They do not seem to be able to operate planes or boats and cannot swim so once clear we should be OK.  We can be self sufficient with hydro electric power, lots of food production and fairly mild weather.

Granted we have a whole bunch of leaching provincial civil servants in the Victoria area that we would have to thin out as they have no beneficial purpose in life,  but otherwise OK.

Vedran make sure you bring your crossbow, James bring your sword collection.