Earlier this week I was so proud of the staircase that I had built for the model.

Bad Staircase

Problem arose the next day after writing my glowing report on the stairs.  I was working on down the deck installing beams when I revisited the staircase I had installed.  It looked great but somehow not right.  I did some careful measurments and determined that the scale was wrong.  I then looked at the video from the actual Victory (which Pat and I have visited) and realized that the risers should be only 7 inches so this staircase was way too big.  The length is OK but needed at least 3 more steps

I had to cut out the deck beams that I had installed to enable me to rip out the staircase.  It was neat with Newel posts and railings but it was wrong. I think I am falling to the fault of not measuring twice or 5 times.  When you look at the picture hard to realize that it is way too large.  Still a nice job so the 2 copies I made after I will save for a future model. I had to break the installed version to get it out although it was in an area that would never be seen.

So I spent this afternoon building a new staircase jig and will do a better job tomorrow.             I NEED A VACATION