Pat and I are driving down to Southern California for a vacation.  In our home life and on most of the route south  there is no need for winter gear, but we do pass through 2 summits on the I5 where there could be snow.

As insurance I brought along some winter gear and clothes including chains for our vehicle.  Watching the news tonight we are following the story about the search for Donner and the $million reward.  The search is east of LA in the mountains and not far off our route

I have decided that we are going to go on a detour on our drive to Palm Springs and I will stop and don my winter gear and go off in search.  Me and I suspect 20,000 other guys.  I have a toque, winter boots and warm clothes and a stick.  maybe I will find him and win the money.  20,000 to 1 is better odds than the lottery for a million

Pat has gone wimpy on me and said no way even after I promised better hotels on the remaining vacation if I catch him.