Well it is a good thing I did not turn up the road to Bear Lake to hunt for Dorner when we passed it.  As it turned out we were in the midst of a great book on CD so it did not occur to me until we were well past it.

However I could have turned and gone seeking my fortune (with Pat screeching at me all the way)

Here is how I see how it could have turned out.  I would have driven up to the police command post where they were stopping all cars.  While waiting to pass through I could have looked up to the right and said “hey wait isn’t that Dorner standing up on that balcony overlooking us?”  (He was in fact holed up in a cottage overlooking the command post that the police did not check because it was so close)

That might have made me the million except there was a catch.  Unlike the old days of a reward dead or alive this was only paid if captured and convicted.   Dorner apparently had no desire to be captured alive and according to the local press, the cops had no intention of capturing him alive.

I could have lost an entire day down here in this lovely sunshine and would never have received the $million.

So good thing we drove on.