Sunday mornings are special in our home.  I know you may say.  How can any day be different for retired people?  Well for one thing I do not have to get up to go pick up a newspaper, because there is nothing available Sunday morning.  Every other day I drive to the clubhouse and buy a paper (we do not get home delivery in Paradise)  I may pick it up on the way to the fitness club or just pick it up and return home for breakfast.  Regardless, Pat is in bed sleeping and I read the paper while having my bran flakes.

Sunday is different.  I sleep in, wake and read a book until Pat arises.  Watch some TV as she prepares to head to church.  Then I have my weekly ritual.  What do I prepare for her brunch when she returns?  Most of the time it may be omelettes, but it might be eggs Benedict, pancakes or nested eggs.

A couple of years ago I learned how to make a nice quiche.  I know what you are saying. But I am still the guy that can fix plumbing and electrical and look buff (well in my mind) and love a person of the female species, but yes I like to make a quiche.

This month our Fine Cooking magazine arrived with 50 variations of quiche.  I often use bacon pieces or ham or even salmon but the article said if you are serious you have to use Pancetta (an Italian variation of bacon)   So yesterday I went off and bought a slab of Pancetta and this morning made a quiche with Pancetta and broccoli and 3 kinds of cheeses.

Not bad but let me tell you.  The Pancetta slab cost me 3 times as much as bacon and it was not worth the extra cost.

So guys here is what you do.  Buy some thick sliced bacon, cut into 1/4 inch chunks and saute it.  Steam some broccoli pieces, cook a quiche and welcome your wife when she comes in the house, serve a great brunch and say you used Pancetta and she will never know.

As a result in the evening I can write my blog while Pat does all the dishes and cleans the kitchen.  Pretty good trade-off