Now you may wonder why I picked the title for this blog.  I, as your host, have learned that the titles of my blogs are available on the internet for searches.  The worst example was my blog ” Grand daughters are Easy” for which I still get emails offering money.

So if I started with Lenin there would be 4 million possible hits.

In fact my blog is about a little known piece of history about Lenin.  When he became head of Russia and while still fighting against the White Russians (before their revolution took over the entire country) he was driven around in a Rolls Royce.  Video of the time shows him extolling the citizens to fight against the proletariat.  He always declared that the Rolls Royce was taken from the evil Tsar and now being used for the benefit of the people.

Truth came out and the car was actually built 2 years after the Tsar and his family were executed.  The car was specifically ordered by a Lenin assistant and paid for with state funds.  Lenin got a 15% discount from the factory because of his position.

Until his death, he maintained he was for the people, but like most dynamic leaders, he was in it for the benefits.