Paul Rose is dead.  Long time after he should have been executed in my opinion.

For those younger people and those that forget, there was a time in Canada when Quebec Terrorists called the FLQ were trying to force separation of Quebec from Canada with violence.

Paul Rose and his buddies, on a whim, kidnapped the Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte, only because he actually lived near where the group in their beer intoxicated ranting, were meeting.  Kidnapped him from his driveway in front of his kids…….

When they sobered up and it became obvious that kidnapping Laporte was not going to force Quebec to be separated, Paul Rose went into the room where they were keeping him and strangled Laporte with his crucifix chain.  Threw him into the trunk of Rose’s car and forgot to get rid of the body and the police caught them.

Rose was sentenced for murder but was released in a few years because he was a folk hero in Quebec Sovereignist culture.  He and his brother were treated like heroes in PQ meetings over the years.  Feted like gods in the province. Lived a good life

Paul Rose died today at the age of 69 and I expect the Party Quebecois ruling government will give him a state funeral.

I wonder if the family of a lawyer who left his practice to serve in government only to be murdered at the age of 49 with his crucifix chain will attend the ceremony of remembrance.   I think not.

Sometimes I really want Quebec to separate from Canada.  I do not think of them as my idea of  Canadians……..

If there is a hell, Paul Rose is roasting in it tonight which is long over due.