It is March 21 the second day of spring.  This morning and afternoon was lovely.  Sunshine but yet a cool 8 deg C.  I spent the afternoon weeding the beds and admiring the daffodils.  But it all changed at 5 pm.  The temperature dropped and it started to snow like crazy.  You could barely make out the homes behind us.  Big fat flakes.

This was a concern.  I have only used the snow blower once this winter in December so a few weeks ago I drained it of fuel, lubricated it and put it away.  Put away all the winter things like shovels etc into the garage attic and  brought down the gardening tools.  Never would have done this in March in Alberta or Ontario but we live in Paradise.  We have not seen a lick of snow since December.

A bit of a panic but in half an hour the snow stopped, the sun came out and the temp went back up.  I think I have to mow the lawn again tomorrow.

I realize you people on the prairies and back east are probably not having much sympathy for me.  Still a bit of a scare.