The US Library of Congress came out with the list of recordings that should be saved forever.  This list included Simon and Garfunkels’  The Sound of Silence.

They wrote it as a reaction to the assassination of JFK (I only realize this in my research for this blog, but now it kind of  makes sense)

The Sound of Silence came out when Pat and I were in high school and at the time when the Beatles and Dave Clark Five were the norm.  I cannot say I remember it from that period of my life.  But later it became an easy listening hit.

When we were living in Calgary I had a little workshop in the basement.  I was in the midst of building the 74 gun Sutherland and I took a break to build a dollhouse for my younger daughters.  Unlike today, all I had in my workshop in those days was a radio.  I would spend the later winter evenings in the shop listening to a program called “Lovers and Other Strangers”  A guy with a deep smooth voice.  He introduced nice soft music and would read poetry.

This is the kind of background music you need when deep into models.  The kids were in bed and this was the relaxation part of my day.

One of the poems the host  read was the lyrics to The Sounds of Silence.  I remember this so clearly.  At the time I was building the Victorian Dollhouse for Janine and Meagan.  If you are laying a French Louis XV, cube parquet floor in the living room on a doll house you need this kind of background  Over the weeks that followed this recitation was repeated several times

The Sound of Silence has always had a special memory for me not just from the words but it is just a nice song.  A good choice by the US Library of Congress.

Now they also picked the Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.  I am pretty sure this would not be good model building music.