We arrived back home this afternoon from our Miata club drive for a Brunch near Duncan.

I went down to the workshop to lay deck planks on the model and happened to put the TCM movie Dial M for Murder.  An Alfred Hitchcock movie with Ray Milland and Grace Kelly.  I had seen the movie many years ago but that did not matter.  It is based on a Broadway play and mostly takes place in one room.  Lots of dialogue and intrigue.  Perfect for working on decks as you could listen and look up occasionally.

But I had to look up because Grace Kelly was beautiful.

A few years ago there was a survey by Movie watchers of the most beautiful actress of all time.  Lots of picks for Zeta Jones and modern girls.  I originally voted for Bo Derek (yummy) but as the voting added up I had to switch my allegiance to Grace Kelly.

Watching this movie confirmed that my opinion was and is correct.

Apparently Hitchcock agreed and cast her in many movies while trying to make the move on her.  She surprised everyone (and Alfred) by marrying the Prince of Monaco so poor old Hitchcock spent the rest of his career looking for her replacement (Tipi Hedren as an example)

I believe one of the true proofs for beauty is how it lasts.  Grace Kelly was as beautiful in her 50s as she was in her 20s.

Which is much like my wife.

Grace Kelly