A lovely day in Paradise.  Lots of sunshine so Pat and I took Little Red for a topless drive up the coast and back.  Arrived home so Pat could make it to her almost 3 hour church program.  Granted a lot of that was because the parking lot fills up early so she went early and it took time to clear.

Meantime I planned a special dinner.  As it is Good Friday it had to be seafood.

Halibut season is on locally so we were able to buy a fresh large piece at a reasonable price.  I prepared it ‘en papillote’ which means you bake it wrapped in parchment paper with  a little seasoning and lemon slices.

Earlier this week, while working on the model, I watched a Chef at Home program where Michael prepared Risotto.  This recipe called for gorgonzola cheese  and bacon and it looked great.  As it was good Friday I left out the bacon.  On the program Chef Michael said make lots because there are many recipes for leftover Risotto.  Well I hope he is correct because we have a ton leftover.

If you have not made Risotto before it is labour intensive.  You have to continuously stir for half an hour while slowly adding the  stock until a creamy consistency and then add the cheese.

Not a bad meal but last night I made BBQ steak with grilled steak fries.  Much less labour involved.  Still Pat was happy and I guess that is the point.

Now I have to search for all those recipes for leftover Risotto.

We may be serving it with the roast lamb next Saturday when all our company shows up.