I have no idea why, but for some reason I have bad memories about Creamed Carrots as a dish.  When we were  young, Mother would make creamed carrots  regularly, and for some reason I did not like it.  No real logic.  The sort of the same  reason why Andra hates tomatoes, Vedran hates onions and Mason used to hate all food that was not fried chicken fingers.

Pat and I were driving around today, topless, in Little Red picking up things we wanted around town.  Our meal for the evening had been pre-selected but for some reason, while driving in the sunshine, I mentioned that I always hated creamed carrots as a kid.  Just a conversation as we were driving with the top down,sun shining,  the mountains in view and music playing.

Dinner tonight was roast lamb shanks.   I prepared little patties of the leftover Risotto….you take a handful and pat it down to a patty and fry it in a pan for a couple of minutes so it is crisp on both sides,  wonderful.  Supposed to be the featured side dish with the lamb shanks.

Pat had secretly prepared  CREAMED CARROTS on the side.  Apparently a brief mention by me,  as we were driving, and she determined that despite my dislike for this dish, it was time for me to grow up.

They were great.  I have no idea why I have spent my life disliking the dish.  I guess next will be my other aversion to Liver and Onions.