My partner-in-life has left me for a week.   This leaves a problem on my evening entertainment.  I cannot watch any of the programs that we have pre recorded as that would be a conflict with our agreement.  I knew this was going to happen so I prepared myself by selecting some old favorite books to read again (thus allowing me to spend some down time reading)  In this case a couple of CS Forester books African Queen and Midshipman Hornblower.

In the evening I taped or played DVDs of great movies that I have watched many times but still love (Tremors, Sink the Bismark etc)  Movies that Pat would say did not interest her.

Last weekend I was at a luncheon and talked to a member of our club about my intentions for the week vis a vis old books and movies.  He declared quite strongly that he never re read a book once he read it and would never watch a movie that he had seen before.  Granted he was a smoker so there is a strong possibility that he does not read books, but I have actually heard this opinion before.

My usual response is “do you ever listen to the same piece of music again?”  When they say “well of course” I say what is the difference between listening to a favorite piece of music and re reading a favorite book or watching a great movie.

There actually is no reason to listen to the same song twice since there is so much music available you could spend your life listening to original recordings.  But can you imagine having Christmas without ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ or “White Christmas’?

I have probably listened to Eagle’s ‘Hotel California’ a thousand times and still love it even though I know (spoiler alert), they never kill the beast.

Speaking of Christmas can you imagine not re watching ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘Home Alone’ or ‘A Christmas Story” even though you know all the dialogue”  Or spending New Years without seeing ” Caesar’s Bark Canoe”?

And as for books…. Can you imagine going to church and having the Minister/Priest say…”sorry folks we have now gone through both testaments cover to cover and must now close down”  so you should find another religion.  I believe the Muslims are looking for new members or you could become a Mormon.  I understand that Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon takes a long time to read.  (believe me I have tried it)

I have always maintained that life is too short to read a bad book but long enough to enjoy past pleasures.