In 1990, when George Bush became President of the United States, one of his first declarations was that he would not eat Broccoli.  Apparently the chef on Air Force One included it in his first meal and George had a hissy fit.  Stated that he never liked broccoli and now that he was President he would never be forced to eat it again.  The Broccoli growing farmers had a big issue and Barbara Bush stated that she would make sure he ate it.

I only mention this because I have had a Broccoli situation.  I always liked it (in moderation) .  Before Pat left for Edmonton we went to Costco and bought a huge bag of Broccoli.  We served it to Blaine and Lisa and Wylie and Maggie (but they did not eat their forecast quantity)   Pat went off with the directions that I should consume the bag.

I tried my best.  I had Broccoli with my pasta, with my steak with my ribs with my chicken.  I had it in my salads.  I even put it on my pizza that I made.  There came a point where I am sure my urine was green.

When Pat returned she looked at the bag of Broccoli and it was still substantial,  and she doubted my commitment.  So I put it in the quiche I made for her on Sunday, and we keep adding steamed Broccoli to every meal.

We are now getting to the bottom of the bag and I am hereby declaring as the President of this house that we do not purchase any Broccoli for at least a couple month and we will never buy a Costco bag again.

Unfortunately, like President George Bush, I do report to a higher power, so I we shall see.