I am one of the many people that are surveyed by Angus Reid.  I am asked each month for my opinions on many topics and with a slight reward (aside from my obviously opinionated opinion) is that some recompense goes to a charity of my choice (in this case Make a Wish Foundation)

They went through many trials before they realized that my opinion was not only significant but also correct.  Anyway they keep asking me.

This month one of the questions was about my role in facebook, twitter, yabba yabba and do you have a blog?

If you had a blog they had a multi choice question about what is the purpose for the blog.  Good question.

I ran through the list that included -educating the world- pouring my heart out on my sorrow- trying to find a job as a writer- pure boredom.

There were many selections on the list that did not apply.  Here is my actual reasons  for my blog.

– Meagan set it up for me

– My personal amusement

– To pontificate on my opinions on life

In the actual Angus Reid survey none of these were options I could select.

The more times I participate in the Angus Reid survey,  I realize that the survey results that you read about in the paper are skewed. Real options are not always what they are looking for.  And yet Angus Reid is quoted all the time.

I still think that the best survey is the one on Family Feud where they ask the participants a question (example ‘what is the best way eat meat when you have lost your front teeth in a bar fight’) and then they vote by “Survey Says”

Still I will continue to participate because, as my family will confirm, I am not shy on my opinion.