Tomorrow Pat and I head off on the start of our trip through the High Passes of BC to visit our kids.  This last week the Coquihalla and Rogers Passes have been closed several times due to heavy snow.  We could have made the trip in March with no problem.

I am loading the vehicle this afternoon in my shirtsleeves in brilliant sunshine, but recognized that we may face severe winter hardship.  I am reminded of the couple heading south to Vegas a couple of years ago and got stuck in the snow in a pass.  The wife stayed with the car and lived by melting snow and eating granola bars and the husband heads off to try and save her but is found the following summer dead on a trail.

So regardless of the sunshine I have packed my winter boots, my parka my toques and winter gloves with candles and matches. Plus lots of granola bars so Pat can stay alive in case we are cut off by a blizzard on the infamous Coquihalla and I have to go off to find help.   I will struggle on as needed.

I send this, possibly my last blog, so my children will know I thought of them as I froze.  Plus the instruction to make sure they do not throw out all my tools and wood.

With great luck we shall prevail and make it through the high passes and see our children on the other side.  Otherwise…goodbye all