I do not have a smart phone.  I gave it up and went back to my flip phone because a)the charge lasted longer b)it was easier to answer and use c) fit into my pocket d)cheaper.  But I do realize that I am missing out on the millions of handy apps that are available.  Turn on lights in your home from anywhere, bring up the heat prior to coming home, checking itinerary on trips etc etc

I just read about an App that, while I would not need it, would be handy for many of you.  Imagine you are flying in a small plane and the pilot suddenly has a heart attack.  Assuming you skip the app about helping the poor guy there is an app you can call up to teach you how to fly the plane and land safely (assuming the plane is big enough to have an auto pilot)  Not  a problem for me as I think I can still manage a plane.

If it is just a small plane I can envision you desperately dialing up and downloading the app trying to remember your credit card number as the plane spins and plummets to earth with you screaming that you wished you had a simple flip phone that would let you quickly dial for help.