Now it may seem that I go on and on about living in paradise but this is one of those days.  Sunny yet comfortable so lots of time in the garden.

When we first looked at these properties we drove up our street and all the lamp posts had hanging flower baskets.  Made the street look so beautiful.  It turned out that the baskets were paid for and maintained by the golf course.  They had a truck come around every second day watering the baskets and adding fertilizer.  The second summer after we moved here the golf course cancelled the program.  Turns out the cost was over $250,000 a year and because there are no fees charged to the home owners, no way to recover.  So we have spent the last 4 years with no hanging baskets.

Last fall I talked to our neighbour and agreed that I would put up 2 flower baskets on the lamp pole dividing our property.  The biggest problem is that the baskets are 12 feet up so not handy for hand watering.  I tapped into the lawn irrigation system and ran a 1/4 ” line up the back of the pole to 2 drip heads in each basket. So every time I water the lawn the baskets get watered.   All I have to do is find a way to fertilize them every second week.

As I was up on a ladder doing the plumbing a car pulled in below me and a guy asked if I was doing the neighbourhood.  I explained that it was a personal initiative and he asked for details.  Turns out he lives down the street and says he is going to look into it himself.  Who knows, maybe we will have the street all adopt this and return to the community we had before. (I doubt it)

Note in the picture the baskets are new so few flowers but eventually they will drape down.  Later in the summer I will update the picture