Today in Canada there were 4.2 billion annuals purchased and plunked into the ground.  Well I am not sure of that exact  number but it must be a lot.

Traditionally in our life in Scarborough and Markham and  Calgary and Oakville and here in Paradise, this was the weekend where you plant annuals.  Chance of frost is gone and in recognition of our support of the Royal Family that rules us…. we plant flowers.

It was a beautiful day here as we awoke early (Pat went to church last night) and swept off to hoover up the hundreds of plants we desired.  Strangely enough annuals are not on sale this weekend at the various stores.  I think we would have had a government commission to investigate an obvious capitalist conspiracy if the NDP had won our recent election, but they did not.  Must be a capitalist plot that when things are in high demand, they do not go on sale.

So we paid full retail for our plants in brilliant sunshine but a comfortable  15 C .

Now this did include Marigolds in the front yard.  As I said I am not a fan of marigolds (I think they are related to dandelions )  but deer do not like them (if you are not clear on my opinion on deer read my earlier blog)

We also  purchased an expensive spray that we can put on our succulent plants that distract deer.  Lets face it the spray smells and has a hot pepper stink.  I wish that it was a form of cyanide that would kill the deer, but as Pat reminds me, I must be benevolent to the creatures that surround us and go with the flow.

I just wish I could sue the Deer Lover Society of Comox Valley for all the flowers we have planted over the years  and their pets have consumed at night.

Ohkay.. OhKay… Pat tells me I should get beyond this anger.  Mellow down.  But still we  have a front yard of Marigolds and Petunias and Geraniums instead of Peonies and Impatiens and pansies .

Maybe I should learn to sit up at 3 am with a slingshot and ice pellets……….. not going to happen