My blog fans will realize my position on those animal parasites, Deer and Rabbits.

We are dining tonight and watching our back yard and Pat is very pleased to see the many Robins bouncing around the yard.  Now who cannot love Robins.

As I watch, the creatures are pulling out earthworms by the dozens and eating them.  It occurs to me that earthworms are nature’s best gift to lawns, particularly those of us with fairly poor soil conditions (we basically live on a gravel ridge with a thin coating of soil)    Earthworms do not eat the plants, they move thorough the soil consuming the minerals and leave castings (poop) that is good for the soil.  The more earthworms the healthier the lawn.

So I am watching birds of prey, tracking around my yard ripping out my needed earthworms.  Ahhhh do I go there where I start to put Robins in the same category as Deer, Rabbits, Rats, Vultures, creatures not welcome in my yard.

I think not for now.  But if my lawn suffers I may be changing my mind.

In the worse case, we  might have to get a yard cat and buy a load of allergy pills so we could live with it.  But I think that is in the same strategy as “I swallowed a frog to catch the fly etc.  ”