Most young people will not remember this fundamental bread alternative for meals.

When I was growing up our mother was one of those rare women at the time, a Working Mom.  Most of my friends had mothers that stayed home and prepared fancy meals.

In those days there were no quick frozen meals from the grocery store, no microwaves to reheat an earlier meal, no crock pot on a timer to have a meal ready when mom and dad came home to feed two ravenous boys.  So for years mother came home and prepared meals from scratch.  Eventually I took on some of the duties.

On the weekend mother might often make a stew from leftovers that could be reheated.

It has been a cool week in Paradise.  Not cold, just not hot.

Over the winter we take the ends from steaks and roasts and sausages and freeze them for a future  stew.  Normally we do the stews in the fall or winter but I suggested we clean out the bin in the deepfreeze and have a stew tonight since we could not dine outside.  So Pat prepared a great stew.

My contribution to the meal was to make a batch of Baking Powder Biscuits to remember my youth.  A big batch that could have fed 6 people.

They were great although I used shortening and I suspect mother used lard.  Never-the-less just what you want with a great stew.