I loved the movie Fargo.

Over the years as I was travelling in the US or in Japan or Europe and the conversation would come up about where I came from, I would ask ” Have you seen the movie Fargo?”  You would be surprised how familiar this movie (apparently not in China)  So my quality line was “If you have seen the movie, I grew up 400 miles north” .  Always a great line (even though Regina is a lot more west., but who cares the detail)  The reaction was a shudder and I would say “well it built character.”

Apparently they are going to make a TV series based on the movie Fargo.  They are going to film it in Alberta (which, lets face it, can get snow even in August)

The entire TV industry is built around trying to find a series that will grab the audience.  The competition is fierce.  You look at the success of the series Longmire about a modern day sheriff in Wyoming (based on a series of books) and you realize that producers jump on something that people might recognize.

I am looking forward to the Fargo series

Did you not notice that in the movie that most of the locals spoke with the traditional Canadian speech accent although they used Ya while we use eh?

I tried to explain eh to a German one time that the “eh” is the proper pronunciation of the symbol    ?

A Canadian would ask a question  “What do you think of the weather…eh”  The eh is the symbol ?

I am not sure I convinced him.

Anyway, Fargo might be a series on TV to look forward to.  (that is actually poor English to end a sentence with a dangling participle but who cares)